From evaluation to license deal, learn more about our 10 simple steps.


1. Review

Please first read and review the website to learn about licensing and Lambert Licensing’s services.

2. Ask
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or by phone.
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3. Submit
When you are ready to work on your invention, then submit your invention using one of three ways… 1. Online.  2. By Fax.  3. By Mail.
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4. Evaluate
Once we receive your invention description, our staff will then evaluate it and provide you with a written report of our results.
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5. Agree
If we accept the invention, we would agree to the terms and conditions of our relationship as inventor and agent.  As inventor, you would retain all ownership in your invention.
6. Prepare
We would then begin a period of “immersion” where we become experts in your invention or technology as well as the specific industry and market segment of your product.
7. Present
At trade shows we will network with industry players and present the product to companies that we have identified in our research.
8. Negotiate
After working with the executives of the various companies, for those that are interested we will develop a proposal and negotiate the terms of the license or buyout agreement.  It is often that we introduce the inventor to the company during this process through a conference call.
9. Sign
The license or buyout agreement will be signed between you and the company and generally we all will meet at the company’s office to get a tour and meet the major players.
10. Maintain

Lambert Licensing will maintain the agreement by making sure that royalties are paid on time and are accurate.

Invention Success Stories

Our one goal is to get your new invention on the market. Learn more about some of our successfully licensed products.
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Submit Your Invention

There are three ways of submitting your new invention to our firm, please follow the directions or contact us.
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