Our forthright statements regarding an industry plagued by controversy.


Unfortunately, the invention industry has been home to numerous companies that have been categorized as “scams” or “ripoffs”.  These firms often use sales tactics that inflate inventors hopes, suggest that their invention will make “millions in royalties”, and then go on to sell them questionable services in the range of $10-25,000 with very limited documented success.

Too often inventors have worked with these companies prior to finding Lambert Licensing.  Sometimes they have a credible product that we end up working with, and other times the research in our evaluation process reveals factors that present serious difficulties to successfully commercializing their invention.  Either way, inventors find out that working with Lambert Licensing is an entirely different experience.



The sober reality is that the development of inventions into products is a highly speculative field.  It’s critical that inventors understand that only a small number of inventions achieve wide commercial success.  Depending on your source, the number ranges from 1-2% of patented products.

As a result, we believe inventors need to be cautious and make investments in their inventions wisely.  For instance, gathering market research, collecting prior art and mapping the competitive landscape will help inventors make informed decisions on the novelty of their invention and whether or not it is worth pursing.  Further, the more inventors know about the specific market segment of their invention, the more they will be able to develop a product that will be accepted by the marketplace.



At Lambert Licensing, we are a company that works very different from the rest.  Aside from a nominal evaluation fee, we are only paid as a percentage of what we get our clients in royalties.  Due to this model, admittedly we turn down the majority of inventions submitted to us.

This is a significant departure from our competitors who take every invention on and go on to charge large upfront fees.  Rather than put the burden on inventors, we work on contingency, representing inventors for licensing or other technology transfer deals (such as assignments or buyouts) without charging for our time, expenses, travel, etc.

So if you are looking for a professional firm to represent you in the commercialization of your invention, please read more about Lambert Licensing in the links below or contact us!

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