Inventions Wanted

We are on the lookout for innovative inventions and new products ideas.

Is Your Invention What We Are Looking For?

–  Does your invention provide a unique solution to a real problem?
–  Is your invention superior to existing products?
–  Does your invention have a large potential market?
–  Can your invention be produced and sold at a profit?

In Search of New Inventions

ATV, Motorcycle, and Powersports
Automotive and Aftermarket
Consumer Electronic
Hardware & Tools
Health & Beauty
Household Goods/Housewares
Lawn & Garden
Medical & Dental
Sports, Hunting, Fishing

NOTICE: Lambert & Lambert works in numerous industries and market segments. If your invention does not fit in the categories listed, please feel free to contact us.

ATV, Motorcycle and Powersports

New products for ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles that increase the enjoyment and/or safety of the riding experience, or accessories that make them more convenient or expand their usability.

Automotive Accessories, Aftermarket and Motor Equipment

Tools or aftermarket products for automobiles that could be sold at auto stores such as Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, Checker, Kragen, or Schucks.  Also, new innovations in engines or motor parts that increase power and overall efficiency.

Consumer Electronic

New products that the average consumer could understand and use effectively.   Especially those that are improvements to existing products or accessories that would compliment other products and could be carried at Best Buy and Radio Shack.

Hardware & Tools

New innovative hand tools, power tools, hardware, marine related, and do-it-yourself products that could be carried in stores such as Home Depot and Lowes.

Health & Beauty

Personal care consumer products that could be sold through mass merchandisers, grocery stores, warehouse clubs and drug chains such as Walgreens.

Household Goods/Housewares

New household products that have the potential for high volume sales.  Especially those that could be carried at your local grocery store, Target, or Wal-Mart.  We also have clients who are very interested in products specifically for the kitchen.


Products for babies and young children that could be carried in retail stores such as Babies-R-Us, Toys-R-Us, or in the baby sections of various department stores such as JC Penny and Sears.

Lawn & Garden

Consumer products that deal with landscaping, gardening, or outdoor furniture and fixtures.

Medical & Dental

Innovations that increase the effectiveness and ease of various treatment for doctors, nurses, and patients.  Also, products that provide greater relief to patients or provide convenience to the elderly or disabled.  However, we do not work with Class III devices.


Products for dogs and cats that could be carried at pet stores such as Petco and PetsMart, especially those that improve the pets quality of life or make having a pet more convenient.


New innovations in plumbing, especially residential devices, tools, faucets, hardware, and accessories.


Any product that has the potential of saving lives and benefiting society.  Especially products that OSHA or other organizations could promote.

Sports, Golf, Recreation, Camping, Fishing & Hunting

Products that are training aids or accessories in various sports such as golf, soccer, football, baseball, hockey, etc.  Also, products that make outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing, and hunting more convenient and enjoyable and could be carried at REI, Cabela’s, and other retail stores.

Inventions That L&L Does NOT Want

Please do NOT send the following:
–  Perpetual motion machines
–  Inventions that are clearly hazardous to the user
–  Scientific theories without conclusive data
–  Sexual aids or related products
–  Inventions that would be illegal to operate
–  Inventions that may be harmful to society

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