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Below are just some of the products that we are currently representing.



The HurriClean Automatic Toilet Cleaner eliminates mold, bacteria, rust, and hard water deposits overnight. Fragrance free and scrub free, HurriClean uses natural ingredients which automatically clean on contact. Apply the Automatic Tank Cleaner once a month and not only will you eliminate a dirty toilet from its source, but your toilet will flush better!

When flushed, the cyclonic formula works its way through the jet stream and removes the hard water deposits which are slowing down the water. After time, hard water plugs the jet steam and slows down the flushing power of a toilet. When used regularly, HurriClean Automatic Toilet Cleaner will completely clear the jet stream, allowing for a complete, clean, and healthy flush – Every Time!

Hook Line and Threader


The Hook, Line & Threader is an innovative bait and tackle system set to become the must-have tool for every anglers tackle box. The patented design is extremely versatile and works with most species of baitfish and all artificial minnows, frogs and worms.

Hook placement is everything! This device allows you to set a hook firmly in the body of any baitfish or soft plastic bait with ease. This unique placement is the secret to keeping that trophy on your line and in your boat!




AIRBAC™ has a patented air support system that allows the weight of the backpack to rest comfortably just above the waistline, to literally take the weight off your back and shoulders. You’ll feel the difference immediately!  The technology enables your body to relax in an upright position, thus promoting better posture and spinal alignment.

The weight of every step you take— running or walking—is absorbed by AIRBAC™ instead of your back, thanks to our patented air support system.  It easily adjusts to fit any age or body type for the perfect customized fit.




Charge your mobile devices without using a plug-in.  The USB Sock-IT saves valuable space, is easy to install, and utilizes SMART Technology Circuitry that measures the requirements of your device and charges the specified amount.  No overheating of your battery and no wasted electricity charges!

Up to two devices can be charged simultaneously with 3.0 amps of shared charging power.


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