Our formal process seeks to identify licensable products, focusing on patentability, marketability and commercial feasibility.


We seek to provide accurate evaluations utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience in licensing.


We execute a Confidential Nondisclosure Agreement prior to reviewing your invention.


Research, composition and delivery of the report is typically completed within 3-4 weeks.


We at Lambert Licensing are looking for inventions, ideas, or products that have a potential for great financial success.  If you have what we are looking for, then we will fund the marketing and licensing process and will only be compensated when we are successful.

Since this is such an extraordinary offer and because we will be investing thousands of dollars of time and money into your invention, we would like the chance to first evaluate it on its merits and determine if we can license it for you.

Analysis: We examine your invention based on criteria that are essential in the success of a product in both marketability and “licensability.”

What is included is the following:

  • Legality

  • Safety

  • Impact on society

  • Invention’s performance

  • Profitability

  • Market demand and size of market

  • Product-line potential

  • Manufacturing feasibility

  • Quantity of competition and related products

  • Quality of competition and related products

  • Competitive advantages and disadvantages

  • Consumer appeal

  • Licensing potential

  • Major barriers toward market or manufacturer acceptance

  • Miscellaneous recommendations

  • Important resources and contacts for future development

Acceptance: Once your invention receives a positive score from our evaluation, it will be accepted and we will begin the process of marketing and licensing right away.

Turnaround Time:  Internet invention submissions on our secure servers take roughly 3 weeks, whereas postal mail & fax invention submissions can take 3-4 weeks.


If we could, we would love to hear from every inventor with an idea for a product and not charge them for our time to look at it and give suggestions.  But unfortunately, there is simply not enough time for this.

We are in the business of getting products to the market, and as a result we need to work with inventors who are serious at bringing their product to market.  As a result, to avoid being swamped with invention submissions from those who are not serious, we charge a standard fee of $199 to examine your invention and provide you with a formalized report which will be sent to you.

Moreover, if we accept your invention and eventually license your product, we will refund the initial submission fee!

Due to the way we are structuring the deal, it is a win-win situation for you.  Many companies charge upwards of $1000 for an evaluation of your invention, and they do nothing for you if they think your invention is a good one.  But at Lambert Licensing, not only will you receive a very valuable marketability analysis as described above, but also, if we like your invention, you will have someone who is ready to work for you and pay for all of the costs to market and license it!

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“The ability to spend just $199 and have genuine consideration and in fact, real help if an idea proves credible, offers a great sense of opportunity and in itself worth the cost.”
Keith O.

Lake City, FL

“I would like to thank you for a very professional and candid evaluation… Your suggestion regarding [design improvements] was a very good point… the evaluation was very thorough.”
George N.

Calgary, Canada

“Thank you very much for the service that you provide.  Because you seek to profit from the invention instead of from the inventor, I can accurately judge whether or not I should pursue this invention any further.”
John J.

Richmond, VA

“I would like to express my appreciation for your evaluation.  It gives me confidence in knowing that you believe I have a viable product.”
Dennis S.

Marshall, MN

“I’d like to thank you for the package, the evaluation plus helpful information and websites that you returned to me.  It is a very professional approach, which can only encourage people like myself.  Thanks once again!”
Philip L.

Sydney, Australia

“I’m very impressed with the speed and professionalism… Also other marketers are impressed…very pleased!”
Michael F.

Madison, WI


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