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"Thank you for licensing my product twice! Your persistent, professional and SUCCESSFUL efforts to create royalty revenue are truly commendable."

  - Barry E., Louisville, KY


"Lambert & Lambert worked diligently and persistently at getting a license deal for my invention.  Through their efforts my product has been licensed to one of the largest housewares companies in the world.  I highly recommend L&L!"

  - Andre N., Fremont, CA


"Thanks to Lambert & Lambert, my invention was successfully licensed...They found a forward-thinking, imaginative housewares manufacturer, stuck with it and sculpted the agreement until all parties were happy.  I'd submit another invention to L&L in a minute - they are professional, honest, accessible and do what they say they will."

  - Jim M., Chicago, IL


"Thanks for the royalties!"

  - Jason S., Minneapolis, MN

"Working with Lambert & Lambert has been a pleasure.  They are true professionals.  I couldn't have done it without them!"
  - Terry S., Boise, ID


"I want to thank your team for a job well done in achieving what so many other companies and individuals said they would do, but did not.  After only a week, you presented me with a list of potential companies that were ready to license my product, and after the review, we have a licensing agreement ready for a product launch.  I heartily recommend your company to other inventors like myself.  I appreciated the level of professionalism, and I will continue to present future products and ideas to your company.  Thank you for helping me achieve my dream!"

  - Steven D., Kansas City, MO


"This is what an invention marketing service is suppose to do. Get results! Thank you for inventing L&L."

  - Kevin M., Baton Rouge, LA


"Lambert & Lambert has gotten me farther than I could have doing this myself...I believe that it will do very good now that my product is licensed and being produced and marketed!"

  - Michael, M., Albuquerque, NM


"After two other companies failed, Lambert & Lambert got my product on the market.  Since they use a more personal approach than other marketing firms, the partnering was a greater incentive for them to work harder.  Thank you L&L!"

  - Arthur B., Miami, FL


"You guys are the best. Over the years I have evaluated a number of companies both on and off the web. I really like your up front honesty and your business savvy."

  - Bill H., San Jose, CA


"From our initial contact on their website, to the non-disclosure agreement, to their honest and prompt evaluation of our patent, they have delivered their services as promised: no hidden fees, come-ons, or any of the phony enticements to lure the susceptible inventor down the dead-end of false hope. "

  - Ray G., New York City, NY


"Thanks L&L for gearing up for the tradeshow in less than two weeks. The presentation packets are excellent, professional in every respect. Furthermore, I greatly appreciate that you traveled to Seattle to meet with me. It is very reassuring to know that you are willing to work that hard and literally, 'go the extra mile' to get the job done."

  - Ralph F., Seattle, WA


"I have gone through your report and I am indeed very impressed by your objectivity and professionalism. I found the report informative and easy to understand. I think I have personally learnt a lot from your report and hope to follow through with some of your recommendations. A big THANKS to you and the rest of your team for your time and support."

  - Abdihakim A., London, England


"Thank you very much for the fast response. I found the evaluation of my idea to be excellent, and most informative. My next step will definitely be to follow the advice given in the evaluation and I'm looking forward to working with you again in the future."

  - Chris M., San Francisco, CA


"Very helpful - 10 [out of 10]. I'm very satisfied. I feel very comfortable giving you my trust with these inventions I work on every evening investing hours and hours into them."

  - Craig S., Honolulu, HI


"I would like to thank you for your evaluation of my invention that I submitted several weeks ago. The results were thorough, informative, and reaffirming. I would recommend your services to anyone interested in entering the invention market."

  - Ryan F., Los Angeles, CA


"The evaluation is very complete, and I will recommend you to other inventors. I myself will be using your services in the future."

  - Hugo D., Buenos Aires, Argentina


"I would like to thank you for being so kind and courteous but yet, very direct and honest. That's why I decided to submit another invention to your company. You are very professional and conduct yourself in such a manner. I can't say enough about your process as well as your company."

  - Chris N., Cleveland, OH


"I believe that your firm does as much as you can afford to do for the $199 fee...Thank you. Your firm is straight forward, and more importantly, honest."

  - Erich H., Milwaukee, WI


"The ability to spend just $199 and have genuine consideration and in fact, real help if an idea proves credible, offers a great sense of opportunity and in itself worth the cost."

  - Keith O., Lake City, FL


"Finally I feel a little comfort. It only seems logical to fund a product you believe in. A lot of invention companies only inflate your hopes to take your money. They have never really had any success stories."

  - Darin J., New York City, NY

"Keep up the good work.  It is refreshing to see a company, which caters to the independent inventor, with reasonable prices and does so with honesty and integrity."
  - Charles C., Durango, CO

"Lambert & Lambert are true professionals.  After some disappointing experiences in the industry, my experience with L&L was refreshing."
  - Kristen T., Franklin, TN

"Thank you very much for the service that you provide.  Because you seek to profit from the invention instead of from the inventor, I can accurately judge whether or not I should pursue this invention any further."
  -  John J., Richmond, VA

"I very much appreciate the thorough evaluation, the recommended resources and willingness to continue looking at [the product] in terms of networking with possible manufacturers.  The evaluation was more than I expected for such a reasonable fee."
  - Paul V., Santa Cruz, CA

"I wish I had found your company earlier since this seems to be the way company's should try to market new products.  I was approached by others that just wanted thousands of dollars to market the product but I didn't feel I was going to get 100% of their effort since they already got a lot of my money.
  - Mark B., Manchester, PA

"I'd like to thank you for the package, the evaluation plus helpful information and websites that you returned to me.  It is a very professional approach, which can only encourage people like myself.  Thanks once again!"
  - Philip L., Sydney, Australia

"Lambert & Lambert is a Very Good Company! "
  - Wanda P., Baton Rouge, LA

"I would like to express my appreciation for your evaluation.  It gives me confidence in knowing that you believe I have a viable product.  "
  - Dennis S., Marshall, MN

"I'm very impressed with the speed and professionalism... Also other marketers are impressed...very pleased!"
  - Michael F., Madison, WI

"I found your fee structure very appealing - low up front costs and higher royalty fee for you if product goes to manufacture...As an inventor we have already incurred a lot of costs and don't need to add more large costs on a hope and a dream."
  - Mark R., Lantzville, British Columbia Canada

"I really liked the systematic evaluation that was honest and precise."
  - Brian B., Provo, UT

"I would like to thank you for a very professional and candid evaluation... Your suggestion regarding [design improvements] was a very good point... the evaluation was very thorough."
  - George N., Calgary, Alberta Canada

"Your evaluation and process is very interesting, and has made me think of my ideas in another light."
  - Frederick L., Boston, MA

"This evaluation gives inventors other resources to go to in order to improve your ideas.  Most others leave you hanging without any other direction to turn."
  - Thomas V., Philadelphia, PA

"Thank you for sending copies of the patents and similar products, you did a professional evaluation."
  - Julie R., Jefferson City, MO


Invention Marketing and Patent Licensing Help for New Invention IdeasInvention Marketing and Patent Licensing Help for New Invention Ideas SUBMIT YOUR INVENTION


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