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Current Inventions


Below are examples of some of the items we are currently working on.  To learn more about our new products, see the monthly Lambert & Lambert Invention and New Product Blog.



Product Description:  This innovative housewares tool provides the ability for cooks, chefs and anyone in the home to tenderize and marinate chicken, beef, and pork INSTANTLY!  The unique dial has the ability to set the depth of the needles and the needles inject the perfect amount of marinade each time it is engaged.  Use your favorite marinade without having to wait hours or days.

IP Status:  Patent-Pending


Product Description: Safety knife in three versions, from heavy duty to disposable that is suitable for a wide range of  tapplications. Makes light work out of cutting thick cardboard, shrink wrapping and strapping. A metal detectable version for use in food production is also available.  Pocket and finger safe - enclosed blade prevents accidents.  Built-in tape cutter.  Swift blade change prevents extended down-time.

IP Status:  Patent Issued



Product Description:  The ABLITERATOR™ provides a revolutionary solution for eliminating love handles and strengthening the core midsection muscles. Unlike traditional "Ab Workout" machines, the ABLITERATOR™ frees the user from having to lie down or kneel to work out.  By stepping onto the non-slip platform and grasping the ergonomically designed handles, users are able to pivot around their waist in a fluid motion, working all major midsection muscle groups.

This makes the ABLITERATOR™ ideal for all ages and body types, large or small, and provides a stunningly aerobic exercise, burning fat and calories.

IP Status:  Patent Issued



Product Description:  Thousands of peopls are injured every year from downspout's sharp edges.  The Downspout Safety Cap is the first safety cap to provide the ultimate protection from a downspout's sharp edges.  It protects your family and completes the exterior look of your home, leaving no corner unfinished.

IP Status:  Patent Pending


Puttalite ImageProduct Description: The Puttalite unit is a unique golf practice aid and game that projects a virtual hole and provides instant feedback to the user on speed and hole ball position.  It introduces a whole new range of genuine putting games, plus the facility to warm-up or practice, if required.  EASY TO PLAY - Worldwide appeal to golfers and wannabe golfers alike.

IP Status:  Patent Issued

American TwisterTM

Product Description:  No More Tangled Mess or Wasted Time! American Twister™ weed wacker and trimmer replacement line system eliminates the fumbling process of replacing line on gas powered weed wacker and trimmers.  Increase production of your trimmer, save time and stop wasting money on conventional replacement trimmer line. This system eliminates line break-offs and is the fastest weed wacker line design system available.

IP Status:  Patent Issued


Safety BrainiacTM

Product Description:  This “must have”, award winning, board game, for families with one or more children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old, creates wonderful opportunities to enjoy a high-quality, family-fun activity while helping your children learn to stay safe as they venture out to play, learn and explore the world around them.

IP Status:  Copyrights and Trademarks


Double LoopS®

Product Description:  Double LoopS® is an innovative new hair/fashion accessories concept.  It is primarily for girls and women with medium to long hair and want to stand out with a different hair accessory than just the traditional ponytail holder or hair clips.  Double LoopS® is easy to use and opens up a whole range of fun and smart new hairstyles and possibilities for any occasion - whether at school, work or going out for fun.

IP Status: Patent-Pending


Invention Marketing and Patent Licensing Help for New Invention IdeasInvention Marketing and Patent Licensing Help for New Invention Ideas SUCCESS STORIES

Invention Marketing and Patent Licensing Help for New Invention IdeasInvention Marketing and Patent Licensing Help for New Invention Ideas SUBMIT YOUR INVENTION



Successful Inventions

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